Talent Managers – What they do and what they look for when selecting new talent

Talent Managers – What they do and what they look for when selecting new talent

e8a4801b85_under-new-management2-600x296When my son Caleb was a baby he was signed to a modeling agency that dealt mostly with print work (Expecting Models). However, when he was 5 he became more interested in acting and theater so I was on the hunt for a new agency or manager who specialized in acting for the stage and camera. I submitted him to numerous agencies but I didn’t get any response.

So I decided to just manage him the way I had already done. I submitted him to castings online and enrolled him in additional acting classes. I bought him a monologue book and videotaped him once he had his favorite one memorized. He also auditioned for and was cast in 2 plays! He got a featured extra role in a feature film with a top Hollywood actress and was even cast in a short film. And even when he was asked to participate in a local street festival to sing a solo – he said yes!

Over the course of 8 months we honed Caleb’s craft and sought out opportunities for him to gain experience on and off the stage. And guess what? It paid off! This past summer Caleb was scouted at his theater camp and asked to audition for Parkside Talent. He sang a song and a performed a monologue and shortly thereafter he was asked to join their roster!! We were so excited because Parkside came highly recommended by the musical director of his performing arts school. They have worked with numerous kids over the years that have performed on and off Broadway, on television shows, commercials and in the movies!

Now that he has management, they will help groom and prepare him for auditions and advise me on how to navigate his career path.  Curious about what a manager does? Wonder how it is different from an agent?

Well for starters, the manager helps to navigate and advise you on your entire career. An agent is mainly responsible for submitting you to jobs, negotiating terms, and booking you work.

According to the Parkside Talent website “A personal manager advises and counsels talent in the entertainment industry…the personal manager is the hub, embracing the client and managing their career.”

In addition to agents, attorneys, business managers and publicists, the entire team works to drive the career of the talent.

Since we have been signed with Parkside, the management team has advised on new lessons and training for Caleb. As a result he started voice lessons once a week and is taking a 3 in one class that focuses on acting, singing and dancing. He has also been on a casting call for Toys R Us. Behind the scenes they have been submitting him to jobs they think he is right for as well. It is great to know that someone that has industry experience has your child’s best interests at heart. It is even more amazing that they think Caleb is talented enough to take his dreams to the next level. They hope to prepare him to audition for plays like The Lion King in the near future. It is very exciting!!

Here is an article posted on Backstage.com from a couple years ago about Caleb’s new agent Peggy Becker. Read below to get an idea of what her team looks for when choosing talent!


2 thoughts on “Talent Managers – What they do and what they look for when selecting new talent

  1. Thank you for this post. My sister and her adorable baby son are trying to start baby modeling on the east coast and this was a good read into a world very unknown for us. I appreciate the time you took to write this out for others who are lost. It seems like Caleb is doing quite well! 🙂

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