Real Life Recap: Behind the Scenes with the Baby Boiz

Real Life Recap: Behind the Scenes with the Baby Boiz

Introducing the Baby Boiz!! Meet Caleb (6), Gavin (11), Julian (8), & Ravi (4)

This past January, my son Caleb auditioned and was cast to be part of a boy band created by They wanted to create a group and see if they could get them to work together and contend to be the youngest boy band in the world. In fact the band is currently trying to get certified by the Guinness Book of World Records!!

It was no small feat – but the boys were complete professionals. In two days they learned a song and choreography and in only one day- they recorded a song, shot a music video, and performed in front of a live crowd! The writer, director and producer of the band Jake,  who happens to be 23 – even tried to be part of the band which made for a very funny outcome. You have to watch the back story and audition process below!

And you can check out the final product – The official music video “Tonight’s Tonight” by the Baby Boiz!

Here are some behind the scene photos of Caleb and the Baby Boiz!

Want to help the Baby Boiz break the world record? Share their music video with your friends, listen to their song on Spotify and Sound Cloud or download the song on iTunes and Google Play. And don’t forget to subscribe to their You Tube channel for updates!

Soundcloud (Instrumental):

I’ll be sure to keep you posted on their progress! Thanks in advance for your support!




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