Raising a Star: Meet Keke Palmer’s Mom

Raising a Star: Meet Keke Palmer’s Mom


Keke Palmer, at just 22 is a huge yet humble star. With her current role in Scream Queens and her recent role in Grease:Live, she is definitely in demand. For a girl in her position one would wonder if all the attention has gone to her head. That’s where her mom and manager Sharon Palmer comes in. She tells the February issue of Family Circle what it is like to raise a child star and how Keke has managed to stay grounded through it all.

Sharon Palmer on being a “Stage Parent”:

“…once your child becomes a certain age, you can’t make her do anything. Keke wouldn’t be acting and singing if she didn’t love it. She’s been a professional since she was 9.”

– on sacrifice:

“When That’s so Raven would come on the Disney Channel over a decade ago, Keke would say. “I can do that!” It was a hard decision to pick up our family and move to California – our twins were only 2 at the time – but my husband, Larry and I believed in Keke’s talent, so we did it.”

– on raising a kid in the industry:

“My husband and I never allowed the business to dictate how we raised Keke. You have many industry people around your child on a daily basis saying inappropriate things, and you have to stay alert. We’re proud of how we brought up our daughter and extremely proud of the way she turned out.”

I had the opportunity to meet Keke and interview her as a correspondent for TheYBF.com a few years ago. It was at the Rachel Roy fashion show during fashion week in NYC. I can say that even in that brief encounter she was sweet, warm, gracious and definitely down to earth. She was a fan of the blog I worked for and she gave me and my partner a group hug when she heard where we were from. I remember telling her at the time that she was very mature for a 16 year old and she told me that she had her parents to thank for that! I actually took the photos below!


Kudos to Keke and her awesome family. I can’t wait to see what she is up to next!

For the full article pick up the February issue of Family Circle and read more here.

Visit Keke Palmer’s official website.

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