Buffalo NY – Families, Teens and Kids wanted for Feature Film!!

Buffalo NY – Families, Teens and Kids wanted for Feature Film!!


Oscar Nominated producers are casting paid day players for the feature film “The True Adventures of Wolfboy” including several males ages 13-14, and stand-in roles.

For more information, contact beinwolfboy@gmail.com or wolfboybackgroundcasting@gmail.com.

Include a headshot, contact information and resume.

There is also and open casting call from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. Aug. 26 in the auditorium of the Albright-Knox Art Gallery (1285 Elmwood Ave.)

Bring a photo I.D. to register for the filming. People of all ages – from kids to adults – are needed for the volunteer positions.

The Carnival Day is filming in September. If chosen production will provide parking and meals, as well as raffle tickets for the chance to win prizes throughout the day. (No pay)

For more info, email beinwolfboy@gmail.com

3 thoughts on “Buffalo NY – Families, Teens and Kids wanted for Feature Film!!

  1. MOCHA BABIES, look at the image closely. Do you see any mocha babies in the flyer? I do not! Please be mindful when posting for Black families. If there are not Blacks in the flyer image, THEY DO NOT WANT US!

    1. Hi thank you for your comment. This photo is a stock photo of a carnival. When producers and other companies send out breakdowns for casting calls they do not come with photographs unless they are casting for a look-alike or trying to match people who have previously been cast. In fact they are usually very specific about the gender, size, ethnicity, age etc so they can get submissions from exactly who they want. This casting said ALL ages, families, etc. One of the main producers of this movie is actually a black female (Google Kimberly Steward). I am extremely mindful of who my audience is and I look forward to posting more castings and information for POC. Thank you for following MBM. Tichanda

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