Disney Channel Looking for it’s Next BIG STAR!

Disney Channel Looking for it’s Next BIG STAR!


Do your kids dream of being on show’s like Raven’s Home and Bunk’d? Well your budding star is in luck!

Disney Channel is looking for exciting new talent RIGHT NOW with an online open casting call for GIRLS AND BOYS who can play ages 8-16. All ethnicities encouraged to submit!

All auditions will be considered for new and upcoming original movies and series produced by the Disney Channel!

In order to enter visit the Disney Talent Search and be sure to follow all instructions.

  • You will need to watch a video, and download the sides (lines) your child will have to memorize.
  • Once you rehearse the scene and your child has it memorized you can tape them on your camera and submit via the links they provide.

Everything you need to know is at the the Disney Talent Search. For additional tips on how to self-tape your child for an audition, check out this previous blog post!

  • Mocha Tips: Have fun! Make sure your child shows his personality in the video. you want the child’s unique self to shine through!
  • Keep the pressure low and the energy positive so your child doesn’t get to nervous and look natural and confident on camera.
  • Make sure the outfit is simple, the background is clean, and the lighting is bright so you can properly showcase that your KID is a the star Disney is looking for!

Good Luck!




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