Hi! I’m Tichanda – the creator of Mocha Baby Models. With over 20 years of professional modeling a funny thing happened on the way to adulthood – I had a kid.

I decided that I would see if I could get him work since I had a flexible schedule and experience as an adult model. My son Caleb who is 8 years old was signed to my mother agency – Expecting Models at 6 weeks old and within a year he had worked for companies like Graco, Babies R Us, Getty Images, and many others. I now have a 5 year old son Bryce (whose first job was in utero! He is also a model and can be seen in the upcoming Brian Banks film shooting in Memphis. And most recently I gave birth to my son Dean who is almost 10 months, and was recently signed to an agency in Memphis, TN.

Since I am at the age when people decide to start their families I have found that all of my friends and acquaintances seem to be having kids as well. With my sons’ success at modeling – and my proud posts on facebook – many seemed to think I had the secret to child stardom. While trying to field the questions a friend suggested I write about what I’ve learned from my experience.

Well, I am here to report that there isn’t a secret, but there is a lot to learn, and understand about the industry if you want a shot at seeing your baby in print, or on TV. My hope is to shed some light on the modeling industry and help you navigate the business.

This blog will have timely updates, castings, contests, resources and insider tips on how to prepare your child and hopefully book a job. There will also be an alert to any scams and misleading information or myths regarding the modeling industry.

For those of you who need more info than is provided I do offer personal consultation and coaching. Please message me for rates! And if you would like a jumpstart on the first 5 steps of modeling – you can purchase my ebook here!

Please friend me, follow me, add me, pin me,
like me…you get the point – and don’t forget to tell your friends!

~~ Tichanda

Chief Momager

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