Agency Directory

agency photoIn order to have a successful career you need an agency that can send you out on castings and auditions. You can find an agency in your area by doing a google search and by doing your RESEARCH! However I have compiled some of the best agencies here for you to download and print out. Keep in mind the majority of all modeling jobs occur in big cities like New York and LA. but there is some (albeit limited) work in smaller cities.

I will continue to add cities however please note that this is just a list and you should still do a little digging and reading reviews online. Not every agency is for everyone. Also please do not call or visit these agencies. Go on their website and look for how to submit your child. Follow all of their instructions for the best chance at representation.

If you want personalized, one on one help with photo choices, questions, and submissions and want to work with me visit this link! Thanks for being a part of the Mocha Baby Models Community!

Free Downloads: Child Modeling and Talent Agencies

NYC Modeling Agencies