Ohlsson East is Scouting at a city near you!

Ohlsson East is Scouting at a city near you!


Live in the North East and looking for representation? You’re in luck! Top agency Ohlsson Model & Talent posted their east coast scouting schedule today on their InstaStory!

City Scouting Schedule:

  1. Friday Dec 1st – Boston, MA
  2. Saturday Dec 2nd Mashantucket, CT
  3. Sunday Dec 3rd – Providence, Rhode Island

Want a shot at meeting with their model scouts? Follow them on Instagram and send them a Direct Message with a cute,  clear, clean & clothed photo of your child! But act fast because scouting takes place this weekend!

Don’t live in the North East? They have a midwest office as well! Use the #ohlssonminisuper for a chance to be discovered on Instagram!

P.S. One of our Mocha Babies was recently signed to Ohlsson after a few coaching sessions. Check out the exact photos that were submitted!

Good luck!

Twin Babies wanted for TV pilot

Twin Babies wanted for TV pilot


The #FashionVictim TV pilot by E! and starring actress Willa Fitzgerald is filming in NYC and they are currently in need of twin babies. Parents and babies must be ok with the actor holding the babies. See details below!

When: Shoot Date is December 19th

Ethnicity: All ehnicities will be considered

Age:  3 months – 12 months

Boys or girls: – Identical twins only!!

How to Submit: Include recent photos taken today of your twins. Please include:


Send all info and photos to GMARTIN@CENTRALCASTING.COM

Via Casting Networks


Q&A: Can I send a cell phone photo to an agency?

Q&A: Can I send a cell phone photo to an agency?


Question: Can I send a cell phone photo to an agency to try and get representation?

Answer: YES! People always ask me how important it is to have professional photos. And it is such a hard question because on one hand I want people to know they can submit simple snapshots to an agency and get booked. Honestly some agencies prefer it!

However, I find that when I tell people this they just scroll through their phone and send me the latest shots of their child…eating, taking a bath, in their car seat, playing with a sibling… you know – being kids! That is great for friends and family – but to land your child a coveted slot at modeling agency? Not so much.

If you are going to submit digital shots, treat it like a photo shoot. Take some time, lay, sit, or stand your child depending on age next to a plain background with great lighting. (natural is best) and take photos of him smiling, playing, crawling, etc. You will need one good headshot and one good head-to-toe shot.

Here are a few great examples of photos of a smiling happy baby, taken in natural light and with bright colors. And don’t forget my 4 C’s – Cute, Clear, Clean and Clothed!

One of my clients Caleb was invited to attend a Gerber casting in Chicago based on his mom’s digital snapshots. And after working with me she took these simple snapshots and landed a coveted spot with the Ohlsson Agency! See! Simple snapshot are sufficient!

Now, I get it – some of us love a good mini shoot and that’s great too. They key here is if you are spending a lot of money – don’t do it. But if you have a great camera, or access to one – here are a few good examples of what to do.

I worked with Liam’s mom in Dallas and after our consultations she followed my advice and had these images taken of her son. And even when I asked for a full length shot she provided me with a perfect digital snapshot to submit to agencies on her behalf.


Photos need to be update monthly  – especially babies and toddlers so get used to taking these photos and make it a fun bonding time with your child.

Sure at some point you will need professional photos but wait until you get the direction from your agency. And make sure they don’t pressure you to buy any packages or use only their photographers. That could be a sign of a scam so do your research and if you feel pressured to do anything, walk away.

There is a lot of work that goes into landing a job. Treat it like a business and do your best to make a great first impression for your best shot at breaking into the biz!



Photo Credits: Caleb ( J.Ford) , Liam (Marcus Watson|Marceaux Creative|Houston TX|FB & IG @MarceauxCreative)
Open Call for NYC Babies and Toddlers

Open Call for NYC Babies and Toddlers


NYC Area Mochas – Open Call for babies aged 12 months  to 4 years old!!

Zaeliebabes out of Brooklyn is currently casting for their next photo shoot.

Date of shoot: Tuesday, 11.14.17

Location of shoot: NYC.

How to enter:

  1. Follow @zaeliebabes on Instagram.
  2. Send them a direct message (DM) stating your interest and to get further details.

Good Luck!

NYC & Midwest Agency Seeking Fresh Faces!

NYC & Midwest Agency Seeking Fresh Faces!


A NYC/Midwest  agency is looking for fresh faces! CLEKIDZ is a full  service model & talent agency servicing the Mid-West & East Coast. They have represented kids who have snagged some major gigs for companies like the Gap, Justice, Uniqlo, Zulily and more! Today they posted on their InstaStory that they are seeking boys and girls in the following sizes:

  • Size 3T,
  • Size 4T
  • Size 5/6
  • Size 10


​When submitting please note they prefer non-professional, natural snapshots with no background distractions. Also include:

1 Smile headshot
1 No smile headshot
1 Full length body shot.​

​If you have a child actor please submit headshots, resumes, & reels as well!

Learn more about the agency at theckmtg.com and submit your child here for consideration!

Good luck!


TV Show Casting Kids Nationwide!

TV Show Casting Kids Nationwide!


Pitman Casting is holding a nationwide casting. Some details are below however you muct visit the casting website to submit your application!


Kids ages 5 to 10 years old who are fun, funny, opinionated, talkative, inquisitive and smart.

If you think your child would have been great on a show like “Kids Say The Darndest Things,” fill out the application and shoot a 3 to 5 minute video.


Here are some tips to think about when making your video. Videos should be no longer than 5–minutes in length.

  • They want to get to know your child’s personality. If you come from a unique region or area of the country, talk about where you’re from, have it be a part of your video. If you live on a farm, they want to see farm animals outside in the background. Give a real sense of who your child is.


For more details please view the application here!

Good Luck!

Booked a gig? Be prepared for the set with these 5 tips!

Booked a gig? Be prepared for the set with these 5 tips!

My son Caleb on the set of a Toys R Us shoot!

My son recently booked a small role in a feature film and I thought about how I prepare for the time we will be on set. There are many moving parts and it is best to be aware of what to expect before you show up with your little star. Here are a few things you need to know!

1. Print, read, and re-read the booking email!

This email is vital to you showing up professional and prepared. Once you are booked for a job you should receive a call sheet or info that shows the following:

  • Shoot/booking date – the day you are booked for the job
  • Your call time – the time you should arrive on set
  • Set location – the address you report to
  • Parking information – this can sometimes differ from the set location
  • Set contact person – call this person in case of emergency or if you are going to be late for any reason
  • Wardrobe information – always bring 2-3 extra outfits for your child. This includes an extra set of socks, underwear, and shoe options. There will often be specific info based on the role that determine the colors that can and cannot  be used, as well as restrictions regarding logos, branding, and style, time period & season.
  • Rate of pay and overtime- if you have any questions regarding this handle this prior to getting on set with your agent or whoever booked the role for you.

You should always be aware of how long you are required to be available on set. You may be booked from 12pm -5pm but only work from 12pm-3pm. If you are getting paid by the hour, make sure you know how many hours you are guaranteed.

Ask if there will be overtime pay as well. You may also be paid a flat rate regardless of the length of time you work. Keep in mind small babies usually can’t work more than an hour and small children may have limits as well that vary by state or union rules.  Make sure you understand and are okay with all terms and conditions before your child starts any job.

2. Bring a pen!

In order to work and get paid on most sets the parent or guardian will need to fill out a number of forms. These can include but are not limited to:

  • model release forms
  • non disclosure forms
  • tax forms
  • proof of identification
  • model vouchers

If you do not understand any of the forms ask questions and be sure to take a photo of everything you sign for yourself and your agent.

3. Don’t forget permits and proof of identification!

You and your child will likely need to provide proof of identification, and in some cases a valid work permit and trust information. Don’t forget to bring your driver’s license or state ID as well as the social security number of you and your child. You cannot work or get paid without the proper credentials and ID. If you are unsure of what is required or how to obtain any necessary permits – ask before you arrive!

4. Pack a snack and activity bag!

Fight boredom and nerves with snacks, toys and activities that are age appropriate. Sure, they may have craft services (food on set) but they may not. And there is no telling if they will even have something your kid will like.

Set days can be long – especially for older kids – and you don’t want a grumpy, hungry child to contend with. Puffs, fruit, granola bars & popcorn, juice boxes and water are all great choices.

Just be sure your kids don’t have any candies or gum that can change the color of their mouth. Also, messy, sticky food and candies are a no, no. Especially once the child has been changed into her wardrobe!

Activities can include baby toys and lovies, crayons, paper, books, electronic tablets, or other small items that can keep your child occupied while you wait. Don’t forget  the baby wipes, tissues, and hand sanitizer – because kids are a mess (duh) and there could be a lot of people milling around and coming in contact with your child.

5. Photos and tearsheets…

Ask permission to see if you can take any pics behind the scenes. Get clear on their policy for sharing on social media as well. I have had clients who want you to tag them in photos and others where it is strictly forbidden.

Ask your contact on set to see if she knows when the project will be released and who you can contact for digital copies of your child. You have no idea how hard it can be to find the work your child does once the job has been wrapped.

These will not be sent to your agent. It is your responsibility to track them down so make it easy for yourself! It never hurts to ask – even if the answer isn’t what you want to hear.

Simply knowing what month or season the project will hit the public can help you narrow down your search and help you locate your little one so you can add it to their portfolio…and brag of course!

The final product came to me 4 months later in the mail since I was on the Toys R Us mailing list! It was also featured in the stores and online! I was a proud mama even though it was only the back of his head. But I was so glad I’d taken set photos to add to his portfolio as well!